We have over ten years of experience organizing sporting events in Mexico, and working alongside our partners in the U.S. we have created the HOLA 5k and 10k race series. We brining these events to the U.S. Hispanic community and we are dedicated to improving the health of all.

Our objective is to encourage the Hispanic community to fight against obesity, diabetes, etc., by being physically active. We want to do this by encouraging Hispanic participation in sporting events, provide unforgettable experiences, and make a contribution to family integration.

Provide opportunities for the Hispanic families to actively participate sporting events such as races.

The Hola Race Series are great for everyone whether they are an experienced runner, beginner, or a family. We continue to support family integration and fight obesity and physical inactivity through the Hola Race Series.

The HOLA 5K and 10K road race series have been carefully designed to target six of the most established Hispanic communities within the U.S.

HOLA is committed to supporting social programs, therefore a large percentage of registration fees are donated to a pre-selected non-profit organization.